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Louis Buchinho, representing Portugal fashion for 20 years has chosen  the red carnation flower; an iconic symbol for conflict and revolution taken from the “Carnation Revolution” which lead to the political freedom of Portugal in 1974 giving an end to the longest dictatorship in europe through civil resistance.  Pretty hardcore as a theme!

Hence the collection revolved around a provocative attitude with a  need and willingness for change in the world.

The main pallets of colours were red, black and white combined with strong padded silhouettes, asymmetrical details and geometrical constructions with sky high knee heel boots to achieve an avant garde but tough look. 

Going back stage for interviews, the models really enjoyed their time working with the designer whom they are a fan of. Looking at the garments from close up we could also see that the materials were skin, felt wool or tweed to give more strength and resistance to the garment wich was a probable reinforcement and reminder of the historical period.

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