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Clovis Taittinger kim xu collection bottles Spring Moon Moodboard


Galerie Junger + Taittinger present the Taittinger Collection Bottle Launch in China 

Clovis Taittinger, 4th generation of the Taittinger family, is currently export director of the Champagne house. He lives in Paris with his wife Corentine and his Children Alice and Alexis.

Taittinger is the reference for the most fine, feminine, light, delicate and elegant champagne. Its an esthetic champagne that resembles beautiful women, its also a champagne that never deceives.”- Clovis Taittinger


Filled with a Champagne Shower, Galerie Junger celebrated the famous French Champagne brand,Taittinger , through a Collection Bottle Launch for a Private Auction in Shanghai on March 15th at DMU’s beautiful and minimalistic Lifestyle Studio covered in Stellar Works Furniture and a great solo exhibition by one of the most praised and up coming Chinese artist Kim Xu.

Champagne is a relatively new wine that is about 300 years old. When it comes to the great Champagne houses, Taittinger is a newcomer and one of the last remaining houses that is still family owned. Today, Clovis and his father are running the Champagne house on global worldwide scale.

Having a conversation with Clovis, he freely explains his opinions and thoughts of the Champagne industry in the Chinese Marketplace.

 “Champagne is currently undergoing a full scale dynamic growth for the Chinese Market. However, the consumers still need education on the history as well as the time to discover the culture and “savoir faire” of our Champagne house and Champagne in general. There is no speculative bubble and the day the Chinese will become highly curious for Champagne, will be the start of a new era and story for the champagne history.

Moreover the French trade-show Bettane + Dessauve in Shanghai is an excellent form of education for the consumer as it reunites the elite French wine community to the Chinese public.”

Galerie Junger: Bridge 8, 7 Jumen road, Shanghai


Y-Vison Homme Sing
Go Wolfe”

Y-Vision created by Sing, Emerging Chinese Designer, showcased diverse palattes of whites through a “White Wolfe” Theme. Nice colors, designs and stiff shapes were created through a sports deluxe theme. The layering of the outfits, the contrast of faux fur, printed patterns and inducted materials created a nice and rough combo to the collection.


ATELIER COLOGNE: Reuniting true Craftsmanship and French Elegance in China 

“We reflect the perfume with the stories we tell and hence we reflect the perfume to be also a part of the character.”- Christophe Cervasel

La Maison de Parfum, l’Atelier Cologne created by Christophe Cervasel has recently entered the Italian Concept store 10 Corso Como.
L’Atelier Cologne is the first Maison de Parfum which is entirely dedicated to  cologne and produces an elegant but concentrated eau de parfume of approximately of 15-18% lasting power. This is extremely high quality compared to the average perfume of 5-7% you see in the market for high end fashion brands. Moreover, all ingredients come from different places in the world such as black pepper from Madagascar, Vetivier from Haiti, Guaic Wood from India, and Geranium from Egypt but keeps Atelier keeps its Savoir Faire in Paris.

Interviewing Cervasel, he enchants us with his cologne and savoir faire “each cologne tells a store of a treasured emotions and powerful memories.” Some of my two favorites are the Orange Sanguine and Grand Néroli, which he describes personally during this interview.

Orange Sanguine

It was the kind of moment you would want to revisit. Everyone was here, gathered on the terrace for breakfast, and the scent of fresh oranges was diffusing in the yellow heat. A symphony of their laughter and waves hitting the cliffs played in the air”

Top notes: Blood orange from Italy, bitter orange from Spain, Red Mandarin from Italy.

Heart Notes: Jasmine from Egypt, geranium from south Africa,Black Pepper from Madagascar

Base Notes: Tonka Beans from Brazil, Sandal Wood from Indonesia, Cedar wood from Texas

Grand Néroli

“Néroli is a women’s story, It’s a women preparing herself for a rendez-vous. Shes a little scared so she’s putting flowers in her hair but at the same time she’s excited! The idea is that we took a white Néroli flower which comes from the orange tree.  The Grande Neroli which we sourced from Tunisia, the best natural Néroli in the world, at the same time it holds vanilla notes so its also a very sensitive but sensual perfume.

It’s like a women who seems very shy but she actually has a strong personality when you know her a bit more.”

“I’d really love for the first time I have a dinner with a women that she wears this perfume, I think it’s a really great perfume for a 1st rendez-vous and maybe for the second rendez vous Rose Anonyme scent could be worn which is more sexy and everything.”

Top Notes: Neroli, Sicilian Bergamot, Petigrain from Paraguay

Heart Notes: Persian Galbanum, Oakmoss from Slovenia, Birch Leaves from Scandinavia

Base Notes: Musk, Cedar wood from Virginia, Vanilla from Madagascar

I think the uniqueness of these wonderful colognes is that they  can be worn as an eau de parfum extract while being able to be worn both by men and women which I believe is truly unique in character.

Pecto Martinis China's Top Models Selfie Shot with Paul Smith

Paul Smith Opening, Kerry Center Shanghai

The British Heritage brand Paul Smith celebrated its boutique store opening last week with the founder himself coming to Shanghai.
Friendly and iconic british designer, Paul Smith, took a Selfie shot with Two-feet-ahead and The Marginalist over some Veuve Clicquot Champagne where his presence definitely gave a very personal touch to the event.

Stellar Works

Welcome to your Shanghai Gentlemen
anghai Xintiandi X GMT LONDON Pop-up Store

Shanghai Xintiandi collaborates with GMT LONDON, the Great Britain menswear bringing british accessories and brands to the Shanghai Marketplace during Shanghai Fashion Week.

Each piece epitomizes the original British classic fashion style. Most items showcase more than 100 years of history and narrate the special story between the brand and the celebrity, revealing the authentic British style. By visiting the pop-up store, fashion lovers in Shanghai can not only keep close contact with a number of British classic brands and appreciate designers’ masterpieces, but also closely experience the fashionable and classic style.


Bettane et Dessauve , Wine Experience , Shanghai

For the Love of “FRANCO-CHINE”

Bettane+Dessauve Wine Experience , Shanghai

The bettane+dessauve 2nd edition wine experience event was definitely a true success. Bettane and Dessauve are some of the most influential wine critics in France who have brought some of the most renowned wine growers to Shanghai. For more than 25 years now, we have been travelling the French vineyard selecting the best wines and most talented producers”
Out of the 80 domains, I have selected a few to share with you.

Ultrabrut Champagne by Laurent Perrier
A great delicacy in blending due to its nakedness of “Zero dozage” this champagne is ultra sexy and extremely pure

Château Brane Cantenac 2004, Margaux Haut Medoc Bordeaux

This wine is definitely the one I fell in love with during the afternoon. An amazing colour and robe , this very firm and soft contrasted wine, gave out complex semi-intense tones.

Château Latour Martillac, Grand Cru Classe de Graves

Chateaux Climens 2006, Barsac Sauternes Bordeaux
This is one of my favourite white wines. Mature fruit blends which are slightly heavy and rich in taste, you can also taste honey, nuts and vanilla. For me its not too acid which is a very important factor.

Champagne Prestige Rosé by Taittinger
This is not my Favourite Rosé champagne due to its lower complexity than others. Nevertheless, its still very elegant Rosé that I would definately buy as a gift in China.

Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai

Many Thanks to Lei Meng for the wonderful invitation


"Into the Wild" Hunting World Collection Launch on the Bund -UNICO, Shanghai

A passion for wildlife, Mr Robert Lee, founder of Hunting World, created a weightless elegant travel collection with the world known Battue leather tested in the Safari Jungles. The extra light weight patented Battue leather is the core material for the Hunting world collection maintaining elegance and functionality.

Superpress created an amazing event at the luxurious Unico on the Bund to celebrate the launch of Hunting World in Shanghai. Special guest Mauro Colagreco, 2 Michelin star chef from Mirazur Canton France, was present creating delicious hors d’oeuvres. Along where jungle dancers, large Ice sculptures, amazing white chocolate cocktails and great men models from ICI Agency filling the night!